Earn Money from Videos

Earn Money from Videos

Video Ads
Easily manage ads in your video content.

A Simple and Powerful Platform to Make Money

Owners of content or video streaming websites can easily and dynamically place video ads at the beginning, the end, or in the middle of videos, and show them as subtitles.

Smart & Targeted Advertising

Earn more from this service by running different campaigns, limiting display based on view and click count, skipped-ad count, and any type of definable event.

A Simple, and Profitable Solution

Start a Campaign Consisting of Different Ads

Define your clients advertisements. For example your clients could be a bank, a network operator, and an online taxi service.

Set Display Limits

Set display limits according to your budget. For instance, a bank ad, network operator ad, and internet taxi ad may continue displaying until they are respectively skipped or clicked for at least 20,000, 50,000 and 20,000 times.

Define the Audience for Ads

Determine which video will be shown to which audience group. For instance, bank ads to North American and European users, online taxi to mobile users, and mobile operator ads to windows users.

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Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Post-Roll Ads

Show your Ads Anywhere in Videos
Easily define where to display the ads with a few simple clicks.
Subtitle Ads
display ads as subtitles
Redirect to a specific website when clicking on a video
Adding smart environmental Ads
Visual Ads
Add your add image while playing the video


Become more data-driven with your ads by analyzing the user behavior
Skip Ads
The number of times ads were skipped by users
Click Analysis
Advertisement click count
Mouse Pointer Analysis
Mouse pointer heatmap and its highest points of focus
Visit Count
Display count of video ads
Geolocation Analysis
Ads display analysis by the country, city, and geographic location of the visitors
Total Visit Analysis
Analysis of the total display times of an advertisement
Media Device Analysis
The devices used to view the video
Platform Analysis
Detecting the user’s OS for playing video ads
Time Analysis
Analysis based on the time period of showing the ad
Highest Visit Analysis
Analysis of the most visited times during the video play
Choose your plan
Personal website
4.9 €
Per month
Commercial website
49.8 €
Per month
Pro website
498.7 €
Per month
Enterprise website
4987.5 €
Per month
Choose number of views and clicks
Number of Views: 5,000 View
Number of Clicks: 70 Click