Get a Cloud Server in 30 Seconds

Get a Cloud Server in 30 Seconds

Cloud Computing
With ArvanCloud you can have an advanced data center at your disposal. Select your desired servers and switches and use them in the form of a cloud server with a few simple clicks!
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Run Fantastic Campaigns and Handle Millions of Users on you Website!

The instant scalability of ArvanCloud’s Cloud Computing enables you to resize your required resources.

From time to time you may require stronger infrastructures to meet your users’ demands on your website. You can increase your Cloud Computing resources with a few simple clicks, and increase or decrease your resources on demand and use them even in short periods of time.

Just 3 Simple Steps to use ArvanCloud Cloud Computing

Choose Server’s Geolocation
Select your datacenter, city, and country according to your need
Choose the Operating System
Select Linux-based, Windows-based or customized operating systems
Configure your Server Specifications
Specify the number of CPU cores, RAM size and disk capacity according to your need
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Save Time and Money

ArvanCloud’s Cloud Computing covers all your fundamental needs and you save on your time and money without worrying about maintaining infrastructural resources
Cloud Disk
Instantly add as many disks as you want with any capacity to your server. Hot, Warm, and Cold storage offer you three levels of speed and cost
Network Configuration
You can define your servers in private or public networks according to your need
Load Balancing (soon)
With load balancing, your users’ requests are automatically distributed among servers.
ArvanCloud’s health check periodically monitors the health status of your support servers.
You can take a Snapshot of your server’s current status at any time to be able to revert the server back to one of the previous Snapshots.
ArvanCloud constantly monitors all resources and data and shows the result in form of graphical reports
Define and impose access levels to your server easily and securely
Floating IP
You can instantly add as many IPs as required to your server
Backup (soon)
Create reliable and continuous backups of your servers

With ArvanCloud Cloud Computing API you can manage your required resources

Create Instance
Deactivate Instance
Instance Status
curl -X POST \
    '' \
    -H 'authorization: Apikey <API_KEY> \
    -d '{
curl -X PATCH \
    '{SERVER_ID}/action?region=ir-thr-mn1' \
    -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -H 'authorization: Apikey <API_KEY> \
    -H 'cache-control: no-cache' \
    -d '{"type": "power_off"}'
curl -X GET \ \ 
    -H 'authorization: Apikey <API_KEY> \
    -H 'cache-control: no-cache'
See ArvanCloud Cloud Computing Documents here

ArvanCloud Cloud Computing Features

99% SLA Guarantee
Server uptime and damage compensation guaranteed
Instant Resizing of Resources
Instantly resize the cloud servers and usage resources of the cloud datacenter
Uniformity with ArvanCloud’s Cloud DNS & CDN
Uniformity with ArvanCloud’s Cloud Infrastructure services including Content Delivery Network and cloud DNS for managing domains
Customer Support
24/7 customer support
Simple to Use
Simple and quick activation of cloud servers without technical complexities
Choose the Best Datacenters
Remarkable enhancement of access speed and quality for all users
Private Network
Define private network within ArvanCloud’s cloud computing service and impose restriction on external access to the servers
Free SSD Disk
High speed with minimum lag in storing and recovering data
Choose your plan
Basic server
6.5 €
Per month
Classic server
24.3 €
Per month
High performance server
71.1 €
Per month
Fast server
112.5 €
Per month
Choose vCore, RAM, Disk and Traffic
CPU Core: 1 Core
1 Core
32 Core
1 GB
64 GB
Block Storage: 25 GB
25 GB
1000 GB
Internet Traffic: 10 TB
10 TB
500 TB